About Us

Visym Labs was created with the goal of organizing your visual world to provide helpful and private insights into your visual life. Our team of computer vision researchers and software engineers are developing a full stack solution for privacy preserving visual AI that includes:

  • On-demand visual datasets.    Visym Collector is a global platform for collecting large scale consented video datasets for visual AI applications. Collector is able to record, annotate and verify on-demand video datasets of rarely occuring activities and objects for training visual AI systems. Our distributed data collection team is spread over five continents and thirty countries to collect data for global visual AI applications.
  • Encrypted visual sensors.     Encrypted visual sensors are visual sensors coupled with a machine learning system that are privacy preserving by design. We have designed a patent pending optical element that can be inserted into the optical imaging chain of a camera. The result is a sensor designed specifically for visual AI tasks that does not leak private information.
  • Ethical visual analytics.     We are leveraging global scale visual training data with privacy preserving visual sensors to provide a platform for ethical visual analytics. This platform is designed for your most private and sensitive areas, where no one wants cameras watching them. We are creating an end-to-end encrypted platform for you (and only you!) to take advantage of the wide ranging benefits of visual AI, while preserving your civil liberties.
Visym is "Visual Intelligence" (vi) "Together" (sym). We see a future where visual AI is ubiquitous, and together we can create a visual AI platform that preserves your privacy and keeps you in control of your visual data at home, at work and in public. Visym Labs is located in Cambridge MA USA.